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FedEx Holiday Shipping Deadlines Your Company Needs to Know in 2022

by Sifted Team

Oct 26, 2022

7 min read

FedEx Holiday Schedule 2022

FedEx shipping and parcel services are closed for most holidays, except for a few services. On FedEx holidays, FedEx doesn’t pick up or deliver packages. Some FedEx offices stay open to accept packages, but deliveries don’t happen unless it is a FedEx Same Day® or FedEx Custom Critical® shipment.

Business owners and shippers who rely on FedEx services need to know about the FedEx holidays and the days when FedEx doesn’t deliver. This helps them plan when to ship items so that they arrive to the customer on time.

These dates are the recommended last days to ship for December 24 delivery through FedEx.

ServiceShipping Cutoff Date
FedEx SmartPost®Thursday, December 8
FedEx Ground Economy®Thursday, December 8
FedEx Express Same Day®Friday, December 20
FedEx Express Saver®Friday, December 20
Fedex Ground®Wednesday, December 14
FedEx Home Delivery®Wednesday , December 14
FedEx Standard Overnight®, FedEx Priority Overnight®, FedEx First Overnight and Extra Hours®Thursday, December 22

These are the FedEx Holidays for 2022:

Sunday, April 17Easter Sunday
Monday, May 30Memorial Day
Monday, July 4Independence Day
Monday, September 5Labor Day
Thursday, November 24Thanksgiving Day
Sunday, December 25Christmas Day
Sunday, January 1New Year's Day

FedEx offers normal pickup and delivery service on these holidays:

Monday, January 17Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Monday, February 21Presidents' Day
Monday, October 10 Columbus Day
Friday, November 11Veterans Day

In this article, we’ll review the FedEx holiday schedule and available shipping services on FedEx holidays to help you plan when to send your packages, so they reach your customers on time.

High Volume Shipping Holidays

If you are planning to send shipments this year, be sure to check the list of shipping holidays from FedEx, so all your packages arrive on time.

You can view the holiday schedule of FedEx services like FedEx Express®, FedEx Ground®, FedEx Home Delivery®, FedEx SmartPost®, FedEx Freight®, FedEx Custom Critical®, and FedEx Trade Networks® by visiting the FedEx Holiday Service Schedule 2022 page.

Thanksgiving Day

This year, Thanksgiving Day falls on November 24. All FedEx services will be closed on Thanksgiving Day except for FedEx Same Day City® and FedEx Custom Critical®.

The holiday schedule of FedEx services is given below in the table, along with the open and close status of FedEx office locations for Thanksgiving.

ServiceDay before Thanksgiving (11-23-22)Thanksgiving Day (11-24-22)Day after Thanksgiving (11-25-22)Saturday after Thanksgiving (11-26-22)Sunday after Thanksgiving (11-27-22)
FedEx Express®Modified serviceClosedModified serviceModified serviceClosed
FedEx Ground®OpenClosedOpenClosedClosed
FedEx Home Delivery®OpenClosedOpenOpen Open
FedEx Ground Economy®OpenClosedOpenClosedClosed
FedEx Freight®OpenClosedClosedClosedClosed
FedEx Office®Modified serviceClosedOpenOpenOpen
FedEx SameDay City®OpenModified serviceOpen OpenOpen
FedEx Custom Critical®OpenOpenOpenOpenOpen
FedEx Trade Networks®OpenClosedOpenOpenOpen

Black Friday

This year, Black Friday is on November 25. FedEx is open for pickup and delivery of shipments on Black Friday, so you can expect your packages to be delivered on this day.

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is the first Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday in the US. This year it falls on November 28.

FedEx delivers on Cyber Monday because it is not a holiday for FedEx. That means you can expect your shipments to be delivered on Cyber Monday.

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

FedEx doesn’t deliver on Christmas Day. However, FedEx SameDay® and FedEx Custom Critical® are available on December 25.

FedEx doesn’t deliver on Christmas Eve, December 24, except for a few services like FedEx Same City® and FedEx Custom Critical®. All FedEx office locations remain open on Christmas Eve.

The holiday schedule of FedEx office locations is given below, along with the open and close status of FedEx services for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

ServiceChristmas Eve (12-24-22)Christmas Day (12-25-22)
FedEx Express®Modified serviceClosed
FedEx Ground®ClosedClosed
FedEx Home Delivery®Modified serviceClosed
FedEx Ground Economy®ClosedClosed
FedEx Freight®ClosedClosed
FedEx Office®Modified hoursClosed
FedEx SameDay City®OpenModified service
FedEx Custom Critical®OpenOpen
FedEx Trade Networks®OpenClosed


Factors to Keep in Mind

FedEx temporarily suspends the money-back guarantee for select services during the holiday season. FedEx will not refund your transport charges if:

  • The shipment was scheduled for delivery on Wednesday directly before Thanksgiving via FedEx Express® or FedEx Freight® and it is delivered within 90 minutes of the delivery commitment time.
  • The shipment was scheduled for delivery during the seven calendar days before Christmas Day via FedEx Express® or FedEx Freight® and it is delivered by the end of the day on the delivery commitment date.
  • The packages were tendered to FedEx Ground® on the Monday after Thanksgiving through Christmas.

If the packages were tendered to FedEx Ground® for delivery on the day after Thanksgiving, they will be scheduled for delivery on the same day if the recipient business is open. If not, the delivery commitment time will be extended to the next business day to apply the money-back guarantee.


Don’t Forget About Peak Season Surcharges

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FedEx is closed on Christmas Day, Christmas Eve, and Thanksgiving holidays and makes no deliveries except for select services. Shippers relying on FedEx services to meet customer orders on time should use this information to plan their shipping operations accordingly.

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Curious to learn about the UPS holiday schedule? Learn more here.

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