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LeaderShipping Podcast

LeaderShipping is a podcast delivering innovations and ideas from the parcel, transportation, and logistics industry. Hosted by Caleb Nelson and powered by Sifted Logistics Intelligence–hear from industry experts and trailblazers on what it means to be a LeaderShipper.

2024 Parcel Shipping Outlook (ft. Alan Amling)

In this episode, Alan Amling, Professor of Practice at the University of Tennessee and CEO of Thrive and Advance, LLC, joins the show to discuss the outlook of the parcel shipping industry as we enter 2024.

Finding the Right Alternative Carrier for You (ft. Timur Eligulashvili)

In this episode, Timur Eligulashvili, Founder and President of Logistics Remix joins the show to talk about the rise of alternative carriers, and how shippers can best partner with them.

Shipping Nightmares, and How to Avoid Them (ft. Jessica Windham)

In this episode, Jessica Windham, CEO of consultancy Solving Work, talks about the burnout logistics professionals face, common causes of workplace terrors, and what shippers can do to work better and feel better.

Navigating the 2024 General Rate Increase (ft. Kevin Miller)

In this episode of LeaderShipping, Kevin Miller, Sifted's VP of Data Insights, joins the show to break down the 2024 GRI and offer advice on how it might impact your business (+ how to mitigate the impact).

Mastering the Art of Carrier Negotiations (ft. Mark Kolde)

In this episode, host Caleb Nelson speaks with Mark Kolde, VP of Logistics Engineering for Sifted, about expert strategies parcel shippers can employ to get the best possible carrier agreement for their business.

Prime Day Prep for Amazon Sellers (ft. Matt Snyder)

In this episode of LeaderShipping, host Caleb Nelson talks to Matt Snyder, Vice President of Online Retail for Vari, about how Amazon sellers can optimize their logistics strategy for Prime Day and beyond.

Sustainability Across Parcel Shipping (ft. Kevin Mireles)

In this episode, we discuss sustainability across parcel shipping with Kevin Mireles, Chief Sustainability Officer at Delivered. He is a leading voice in the industry with a background in shipping, marketing, and product development.

What’s Trending in Parcel Shipping for 2023 (ft. Nate Skiver)

In this episode of LeaderShipping, host Caleb Nelson speaks with Nate Skiver, Founder of LPF Spend Management, a leading parcel transportation and eCommerce delivery expert with over 20 years of experience in consulting, about the latest trends in shipping for 2023.

Welcome to LeaderShipping!

Do you want to know what it takes to become a confident LeaderShipper? Tap in and learn directly from parcel industry leaders on how to tailor your supply chain to your unique needs with our host, Caleb Nelson! Here’s a sneak peek of what we’ll be getting into!
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