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2024 FedEx & UPS GRI Analysis

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Your Virtual Sandbox

Use our powerful re-rating engine to solve for your supply chain’s best possible future…before making that big investment.

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Ask “What If”

What if I open a new distribution center here? What if I changed my box size? What if I switched to a different service type?

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Make Decisions

See the impact of your “what if?” adjustments in real time. With data at your fingertips you can act with confidence.

See How Supply Chain Adjustments Pay Off Before You Pay Out.

Maximize Network Efficiency

Simulate warehouse locations with Network Optimization.

See the Impact of a New Box

Simulate resizing and/or splitting packages with Package Modeling.

Save Time and Money

Make easy service type adjustments for a quick win through Optimal Service Selection.

Avoid Costly Surprises

See how future rate changes and surcharges will impact you via GRI & Peak Season Analysis.

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Network Optimization

Is it time to consider a new warehouse or distribution center? Network Optimization pinpoints where you need to be located to reach your customers most efficiently. You’ll see the cost/pack and transit time impact to know that you’re making the right call.

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Optimal Service Selection

Ground vs. 2-day vs. 3-day vs. overnight. Small adjustments to your service type can make a big impact on your bottom line. Why pay for something you don’t need? Make the switch for a quick win today.

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Package Modeling

Additional handling and oversize/dimensional charges can add up. Which means you might want to take another look at how you’re packaging your products. Package modeling lets you simulate changes before investing in a box rework.

screenshot of GRI and Peak Season Analysis dashboard

GRI & Peak Analysis

Rate increases are constantly headed your way. Getting ahead of their impact is key. Our GRI and peak season analysis helps you do just that. See how new rates will affect your business and avoid costly surprises down the road.

Here’s Why Business Leaders Love Sifted

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Sifted Customers

“Not only did we reduce our transit time by 51% by utilizing Sifted’s distribution center modeling, but using their software, we reduced our parcel contract spend by 21%.”

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“The initial setup was very, very simple. It resulted in free money that we were not getting otherwise, so it’s definitely worthwhile. Ultimately, that experience and satisfaction with Sifted were what kept us around for the additional offerings.”

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Other software companies say they’ll lower your rates. But, they’re only analyzing and/or using consultants to negotiate your carrier agreement.

With Sifted, your shipping health is more much than your contract alone. We use industry leading data-science, arming you with key decision support tools, to find contractual and operational savings.

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Measure and monitor with confidence.

Sales Visualization
Shed new light on your sales data.

Fee Analyzer
Understand the impact of ever-changing FBA fees.

FBA Audit & Recovery
Secure money you’re owed from Amazon.

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