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What's Trending, Shipping Predictions 2023 Spread


What's Trending in Supply Chain Logistics for 2023

There’s more than hope for parcel shippers, there’s a clear path to victory. Here’s what $20B in data is predicting for 2023.

GRI Analysis eBook


2023 UPS & FedEx General Rate Increase (GRI) Analysis

UPS & FedEx both announced a 6.9% 2023 General Rate Increase (GRI). Here's a breakdown of what that means for you!

GRI Analysis eBook


10 Ways to Future-Proof Your Business

Here’s 10 growth hacks for your shipping business that you can implement today to overcome the parcel obstacles of tomorrow.

Eco friendly shipping report


Cold Chain Shipping Feels the Heat from Rising Demand

A must-have guide for every eCommerce shipper using temperature-controlled supply chain methods.

Sifted Guide - Top GRI Predictions 2023


Our Top 2023 GRI Predictions

Carrier demands tell us that not only will the GRI impact be similar to what we saw for 2022, it could be worse. Here’s what we predict for the 2023 GRI.

Supply Chain Predictions Image


Stop Losing Your Profits to Last Mile Delivery

Is your carrier the right fit for your shipping business? Could adding a regional carrier significantly cut your shipping costs?

Future of Shipping eBook image


6 Innovations Transforming the Future of Shipping

Parcel shipping is moving beyond its traditional method into a new, continuously shifting beast.

Eco friendly shipping report


The Greener Last Mile: Boost Your Shipping Sustainability

Sustainability is no longer a “nice to have.” It’s a must have. Consumers see through green-washing & they want REAL solutions.

Eco friendly shipping report


Peak Season Shipping Checklist

Hit the ground running this peak season by prepping your supply chain right now. Use this peak season shipping checklist to learn tactics you can implement today.

eco-friendly shipping guide


Focus on Eco-Friendly Shipping Before it Costs You

Climate change is impacting costs, reducing delivery speed, and affecting the quality delivered to your customers.

Reverse Logistics Whitepaper cover


How to Get Your Reverse Logistics Costs Under Control

If 2020 was the year online shopping truly exploded, then 2021 is the year to get your reverse logistics in order.

Eco friendly shipping report


5 Ways to Future-Proof Your Network for Greater Efficiency

A fully optimized network not only lowers your shipping costs, it ensures your business wins well into the future.

white paper cover


Busted: Don’t Let This Amazon Selling Myth Fool You

What do you think is the biggest threat to your bottom line? And *hint hint* it’s not returns…

Eco friendly shipping report


How much do shoppers care about eco-friendly shipping?

We asked 500 consumers about eco-friendly shipping and packaging. See what they think – and what to do about it.

temperature controlled shipping


Lower Hidden Temperature-Controlled Shipping Costs

A lot goes into shipping. Keeping your products at a specific temperature only complicates it. We’ve simplified the process in our new free eBook.

Shipping Resolutions Cover


5 Shipping Resolutions that Could Backfire Big Time

Make sure you’re setting (and keeping) the right resolutions for your business. Find out which goals are a no-go for 2022.

white paper cover


What the Amazon Effect Means for Retailers

Cutting transit times and paying for next-day service is expensive. So the question is: can you ship packages faster and pay less too?

white paper cover


5 Fixes to Avoid Busting Your Shipping Budget

With 2020 behind us, what can you do more efficiently, more cost-effectively and just plain better in 2021?

white paper cover


Five Lies You’re Telling Yourself About Your Shipping

We all make assumptions from time to time. Just don’t let them cost you. Learn what you’re overlooking in your shipping and how to take control of your spend.

Holiday sanity check ebook


Avoid These 4 Worst-Case Holiday Shipping Scenarios

Stay prepared for everything Q4 will throw at you. Avoid these worst-case holiday shipping scenarios.

Rethink Your supply Chain Operating System Image


Rethink Your Supply Chain System: 3 Trends to Watch

If you want to survive this new generation of consumer demands, it’s time to rethink your supply chain.

GRI analysis spread


FedEx & UPS 2022 General Rate Increase

Download our analysis today for expert insight on the GRI and how to stay ahead of carriers.

General Rate Increase 2022 Predictions


2022 Rate Increase Are Coming: Our Predictions

Dramatic Increases. Little Reaction Time. Huge Costs. Here are 3 predictions that can help you avoid a big hit to your bottom line.

Supply Chain Predictions Image


2022 Supply Chain Forecast: Our Predictions

Shipping challenges reached a peak in 2021 – and we’re here to tell you that things aren’t looking better for 2022.

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