Welcome a new
kind of intelligence:
Logistics Intelligence (LI)

Gone are the days of trial and error. Sifted LI is here to save your day – and business. With the answers and insights you need to keep your shipping operations effective and efficient, you save money and gain access to a type of intelligence that is full of possibilities.


See all your shipping
data in one place

Logistics Intelligence (LI) translates all of your data into easy-to-understand, actionable insights for confident decision making. A 360-degree view of your shipping spend gives you a single, actionable source of truth to manage expenses. Know your total landed cost and start making improvements using the latest in data science.
Sifted Score

Cost Optimization

Break through logistics complexities

Take proactive steps to spot and stop overspending before it happens. Go beyond the post-mortem parcel audit and take action to drive your costs down. Real-time alerts prevent avoidable costs like accessories, address correction, oversize fees, and more. Our software illuminates unhealthy trends and gives you recommended actions to reduce costs.

Rate Simulation

Know how your rates stack up

Optimize your carrier agreement with a data science-driven simulation engine. Use advanced DIY modeling tools to simulate contract terms. Use your own data to run pricing experiments before approaching your carrier rep. Before you negotiate your next agreement, model surcharges, discounts, carrier mix, and more.
Total Savings

Operational Modeling

Eliminate waste in your supply chain

Use your very own data to model optimal decisions and ask “what if” before making investments.

Should I invest in a new distribution center?

Should I change packaging characteristics?

Should I offer free shipping?

Our powerful AI engine unlocks your data to model these scenarios and much more. Gain confidence and know with certainty that you’re running a tight ship.

It’s a game changer.

Replace out-of-date spreadsheets, PDFs and jargon-filled invoices with one, easy-to-use analytics platform. Feel confident in your decision making and start running your business better than ever.