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Thrive in 2022 and beyond. Prioritize improvements, monitor your shipping trends, and plan for the future with Sifted Logistics Intelligence.

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Upgrade your shipping with these powerful tools.

Sifted Score

Get your shipping health score.

The Sifted Score is like a credit score for shipping. See where you stand, where you’ve been, and how you can improve. It’s a great place to start when prioritizing improvements to your shipping operations.

Sifted Score
Contract Engineering
Contract Management Suite

Manage your contract with ease.

Carrier contracts are the backbone of your supply chain. And securing best-in-class rates sets you up for success in the short and long term. Use Contract Engineering to establish targets, run re-rating scenarios, strengthen your relationship with your carrier rep(s), and optimize how and who you’re shipping with.

Modeling & Simulation

Make smart supply chain adjustments.

Supply chain investments can be substantial. But modeling them before pulling the trigger isn’t. See the impact a new box-size will have on your bottom line. Understand the environmental impact of a new distribution center. Establish realistic transit time expectations and goals. All before spending a dime.

Modeling & Simulation

“When you’re spending over a million dollars on shipping each year, there’s always an opportunity to spend less…[Sifted] mined every line of shipping data…and came back with recommendations for six-figure savings.”

Brian Robertson
Shipping and Receiving Team Leader
Chicago Music Exchange

Data Normalization & Trends Chart
Data normalization & Trends

See all your shipping data in one place.

Full shipping visibility – across all your carriers – is vital. Understand how you’re trending (and what you should do about it) across key metrics like shipping charges by service type, package count, transit time, and average cost per pound.

Parcel Audit

Secure money you’re owed.

Carrier mistakes happen. Invalid accessorial fees eat away at your bottom line. Automatically detect billing errors and secure refunds you’re owed. The audit runs in the background and is “free money” for your business.

Parcel Audit
GRI & Seasonal Analysis
GRI & Seasonal Analysis

Plan for the expected — and unexpected.

Rate increases, peak season surcharges, additional handling changes…Get a breakdown of how they will impact you and avoid costly surprises down the road.

LTL Reporting

Monitor and take action.

Monitor your LTL and parcel carrier spend all in one place. Take action on trends that seem out-of-the ordinary or concerning.

Modeling & Simulation
Sifted Insurance
Sifted Insurance

Protect your parcels.

Lost and damaged packages are a harsh reality for shippers small and large. Minimize costs and get a better payout than what is currently offered by the carriers.

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