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At Sifted, we believe powerful insights come from the people behind the technology. Meet the Sifted thought leaders shaping the future of Logistics Intelligence and parcel shipping, and gain valuable insights into what’s next for your business.

Caleb Nelson

Caleb Nelson

Caleb is the Chief Growth Officer and a Sifted co-founder. He drives Sifted’s strategic and operational initiatives forward. With 17+ years of experience at companies like Unishippers, Caleb has become a go-to resource for parcel businesses. Connect with Caleb on LinkedIn here.

Host of LeaderShipping Podcast

As the host of LeaderShipping, Caleb interviews the top experts from the shipping, transportation, and parcel industry to talk about what it means to be a parcel pro.

Supply Chain Dive Carrier Diversification Article

Caleb shares his thoughts on how Amazon’s new service, Amazon Shipping, could shake up the parcel delivery industry with its “straightforward fees”.

Supply Chain Now Network Optimization Webinar

Caleb chats with Scott W. Luton & Greg White about how shippers can affordably and sustainably give customers a cheap, fast shipping experience.

Kevin Miller

Kevin Miller

As the Vice President of Data Insights, Kevin helps shippers win a competitive advantage through data science. Before Sifted, he was pivotal in creating an audit program at JCPenney, and managed several departments for a Gamestop division. Connect with Kevin on LinkedIn here.

Let's Talk Supply Chain Decision Support Episode

Kevin joins Sarah Barnes-Humphrey to chat about what simulation and modeling means and the potential they have to revolutionize your supply chain.

Supply Chain Dive GRI Analysis Article

Kevin shares his thoughts on why UPS & FedEx continue to match each other’s rate hikes and what type of shipments will be hit the hardest by the increases.

2022 UPS Peak Season Surcharges Video

In this explainer video, Kevin breaks down everything you need to know about 2022 UPS rate hikes for holiday shipping.

Kevin Miller

Mark Kolde

Mark Kolde is the Vice President of Logistics Engineering at Sifted. With 25 years of experience in transportation and supply chain logistics, Mark helps shippers implement strategies that protect them from increasing costs and unpredictable market conditions. Connect with him on LinkedIn here.

LeaderShipping Carrier Negotiation Episode

Mark joins Caleb Nelson on LeaderShipping to share expert strategies shippers can employ to get the best possible carrier agreement for their business.

UPS & Teamsters Agreement Article

Mark breaks down everything shippers need to know about how the new UPS & Teamsters agreement will impact them + what they can do about it.

FedEx Audit Explainer Article

Mark breaks down how audits can find hidden savings and marginal errors in every line item of your contracts, invoices, and overall operations.

Kevin Miller

Justin Coberly

Justin is Sifted’s Director of Technology, leading the Amazon Marketplace Intelligence team. He utilizes his proficiency in Amazon Selling Partner API, and over a decade of expertise in web development to propel the newest innovations for Amazon Sellers. Connect with Justin on LinkedIn here.

Sifted's Marketplace Intelligence Demo

In this product demo, Justin joins Caleb Nelson to explain how our platform gives Amazon sellers the data and insights needed to optimize operations and maximize reimbursements.

Understanding Your Amazon Sales Performance Article

Justin breaks down essential metrics to help Amazon sellers improve sales performance and save on marketing and advertising budgets in Seller Central.

Amazon FBA Inbound Shipment Optimization Tips Article

In this Sifted blog, Justin explains how simple it is to master your inbound shipment operations, and keep your bottom line in the green.

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