Calculate your Shipping Carbon (CO2) Emissions

What are CO2 Emissions?

Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are generated by burning fossil fuels (crude oil, coal, natural/derived gas, petrol, diesel, and other non-renewable waste). These emissions enter the atmosphere from a warehouse or manufacturing facility, transportation vehicle, or any other supply chain activity that burns fossil fuels.

CO2 emissions from ground/air travel are calculated by multiplying the distance your shipment has traveled (D) times the weight of your shipment (W) times your transportation mode’s specific emissions factor (EF).

Why is it important to keep an eye on your CO2 emissions?

CO2 emissions are not only bad for the environment, they are bad for your business. Consumers care about sustainability, and are even showing loyalty to brands that make it a priority. And with fuel prices and last-mile delivery expectations surging, strategic sustainable efforts will even have a positive impact on your profits. Now and in the future.

Insert your distance, weight and transportation mode below to calculate your CO2 emissions from shipping a package ground or air.

Note that this calculation does not factor in emissions of other greenhouse gases, such as methane or HFCs.

Profitability and sustainability are within reach.

The transportation industry has a unique advantage when it comes to sustainability. Sustainable supply chain efforts can actually boost your bottom line instead of driving costs up. Ready to learn more? Let’s chat.