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Say Hello to Proactive Carrier Management​

Plan, make, and monitor your next carrier move with confidence.


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2023 Sustainability Report

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Carrier Contract Insights
and Expertise

Looking for software to help you tackle carrier contract management on your own? You do you. Looking for human expertise along the way? We’ve got you.

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Self Service Tools

Leverage software for an always-on edge that keeps you a step ahead.

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Professional Expertise

Access professionals for guidance in your carrier management decisions.

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Connect your
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Upload your
contract documents
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Model data-
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Negotiate with
your carrier(s)
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Monitor terms
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Repeat and adjust
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Connect your carrier accounts
January 01, 2021
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Upload your contract documents
January 01, 2021
12:00 AM


Model data-backed discounts
January 01, 2021
12:00 AM


Negotiate with your carrier(s)
January 01, 2021
12:00 AM


Monitor terms
January 01, 2021
12:00 AM


Repeat and adjust as needed
January 01, 2021
12:00 AM

Leave Lukewarm Carrier Contract Decisions Behind

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Re-Rate Packages in Under 5 Minutes

Re-rate and secure data-backed parcel discounts with proactive contract simulation.

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Forecast Your Future Spend

Stop surprising volume-based pricing penalties through contract monitoring.

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Validate Charges

Make sure you’re being charged the agreed upon rates via rate compliance.

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Get Consultative Expertise

Establish realistic targets and find win/win scenarios for you and your carrier(s) with our Logistics Engineering experts.

Here’s Why Business Leaders Love Sifted

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Sifted Customers

“Not only did we reduce our transit time by 51% by utilizing Sifted’s distribution center modeling, but using their software, we reduced our parcel contract spend by 21%.”

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“Our high shipping volumes can easily drive millions of dollars in surcharges. And in some cases, the surcharges are warranted but in others they’re simply mistakes. With Sifted, we know the difference between the two and can do something about them. We’re having smarter conversations about where to prioritize and apply resources.”

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“The initial setup was very, very simple. It resulted in free money that we were not getting otherwise, so it’s definitely worthwhile. Ultimately, that experience and satisfaction with Sifted were what kept us around for the additional offerings.”

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Uncover Short and Long Term Contract Wins

See the Contract Management Suite in Action
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Logistics Intelligence

Never Stop Improving

Other software companies say they’ll lower your rates. But, they’re only analyzing and/or using consultants to negotiate your carrier agreement.

With Sifted, your shipping health is much more than your contract alone. We use industry leading data-science and go beyond your agreement to find contractual and operational savings.

Shipping Insights & Alerts
Get updates and track the things impacting your business most

Decision Support
See how supply chain adjustments pay off before you pay out

Carrier Management
Streamline how you manage your carrier operations and contracts

Business Automation
Let software do what it does better than people can

Seller Insights
Measure and monitor with confidence.

Sales Visualization
Shed new light on your sales data.

Fee Analyzer
Understand the impact of ever-changing FBA fees.

FBA Audit & Recovery
Secure money you’re owed from Amazon.

Discover news, tips, and industry best practices

DIM Weight Calculator
See how DIM is impacting you

Hear from industry experts on LeaderShipping

Customer Stories
Learn how other brands use
Logistics Intelligence

Carbon Calculator
Calculate your CO2 Emissions

Download free reports and expert how-tos

Get a personalized tour of our software

Logistics Intelligence
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For Amazon FBA sellers

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