11 Valuable Tidbits You Missed From Shipping Experts in Our Last Webinar

by | Jun 29, 2020

3 min read


Remember back in the day when you missed an amazing episode of a TV show and that was it? You just…missed it?

Thanks to the magic of DVRs and on-demand viewing, that doesn’t happen anymore. And, also thanks to technology, you don’t have to be left out of a really good webinar either.

No one likes being missing really good stuff, so after we saw the valuable, actionable info shipping experts Andy Brueckner and Jeremy Lee revealed in our latest webinar, we had to make sure you got to hear it.

They packed Shipping During a Pandemic: How to Manage Unexpected Costs with such hot tips that we put together a list of the best points, including the time codes so you could find them fast. (But really, with those two, the whole thing is gold.)


Top questions about shipping — especially during a pandemic

  • What’s changing in the shipping industry?
    (4:17 – 1.5 minutes)
    Shippers are finding they don’t have the right equipment and packaging for the shifting landscape. Who’s at risk and why?
  • How should you communicate with your carrier in today’s environment and what can happen if you don’t?
    (6:33 – 1 minute)
    How is their network performing? Are they prepared for your new volume?
  • The average package weight went down with the pandemic. What should you do in response?
    (10:45 – 2 minutes)
    Should you be batching shipments?
  • How can a shipper understand how surcharges affect their business?
    (12:56 – 2.5 minutes)
    Look at your total landed cost and KPIs for clues.
  • How do you calculate the total landed cost of a shipment?
    (16:35 – 2.5 minutes)
    Start with the base price, surcharges, and fuel surcharges, but beware of how your carrier bills you.
  • What can and should you optimize with your carrier?
    (21:41 – 3 minutes)
    Dive into the real rate increases, not just the GRI.
  • What keyword do most shippers miss in discussions with their carrier?
    (25:25 – 4 minutes)
    Are you really getting the discount you think you are?
  • What is DIM and how does it affect your shipping?
    (31:10 – 3 minutes)
    Did you know you can optimize your DIM divisor? And what is a DIM divisor anyway?
  • What should shippers look for in a contract optimization during the pandemic?
    (39:15 – 4 minutes)
    Learn the four biggest “gotchas” in your contract optimizations.
  • How do you balance customer service with costs?
    (43:10 – 3 minutes)
    Find out the three most important points to consider — and in what order.
  • How will carrier networks function going forward?
    (52:20 – 4 minutes)
    What about the holiday season or a second wave of COVID-19? How can you prepare?


Know your own data to boost your optimization confidence

A live survey during the webinar revealed that two-thirds of participants didn’t feel confident during their last optimization. Is that how you’re feeling, given everything going on? Knowing your own data is the key to overcoming your fears and stress during carrier optimizations.

Regardless of your confidence level, this webinar is jam-packed with information you can use to start conversations with your carrier and get the contract terms you need to succeed.

Topics: Contract Optimization, COVID-19

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