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6/5/23 Monday Parcel News Update

1. FedEx Reaches “Tentative Agreement” with Pilots Union After more than two years of negotiations, FedEx announced they've reached a tentative agreement for a new contract with the Air Line Pilots Association, International (ALPA), likely avoiding a potential strike....

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5/29/23 Monday Parcel News Update

1. USPS Hopes to Attract More Commercial Volume The USPS announced objectives for year 3 of their 10-year transformation plan focus on increasing their viability as a commercial parcel option. Through new facilities, the Postal Service aims to offer new services and...

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5/22/23 Monday Parcel News Update

1. FedEx Pilots Authorize Strike FedEx pilots, pushing for higher wages following successful negotiations from other pilot groups, overwhelmingly passed a vote to authorize a potential strike. The Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) reported a 97% voter turnout from...

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5/15/23 Monday Parcel News Update

1. UPS and Teamsters Negotiations Shift to National Agreement 3 weeks after talks in Washington D.C. began, UPS and the Teamsters began negotiating on the national-level collective bargaining agreement last Monday. This came after the union refused to talk on the...

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5/8/23 Monday Parcel News Update

1. FedEx Freight Closing 29 Locations, Furloughing Employees FedEx’s less-than-truckload (LTL) subsidiary, FedEx Freight, has announced plans to close 29 facilities and consolidate their operations into other locations, effective in August. According to the company,...

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5/1/23 Monday Parcel News Update

1. UPS Fighting to Retain Major Clients Last week, UPS shared their Q1 earnings report with investors, citing volume slowdowns and lowering their earnings forecast for the rest of the year. This, paired with fears of a potential strike from their Teamsters employees,...

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4/24/23 Monday Parcel News Update

1. UPS and Teamsters Negotiations Begin in Washington D.C. On Monday, April 17, the Teamsters Union and UPS began negotiations on a new collective bargaining agreement in Washington D.C., though talks on a national contract are yet to occur. The week before, the Union...

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4/17/23 Monday Parcel News Update

1. Teamsters Tells UPS Regional Contracts Need Completed Before National Negotiations Will Begin Negotiations between the Teamsters union and UPS on a national contract agreement were scheduled to begin today, April 17. Last week, the union notified UPS that they...

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4/10/23 Monday Parcel News Update

1. Targeting Cost Cuts, FedEx Merges Express and Ground Seeking $4 Billion in cost reductions as part of their Network 2.0 plan, FedEx announced last week they will merge FedEx Ground and FedEx Express into one operating company. FedEx had operated the Express unit...

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4/3/23 Monday Parcel News Update

1. Pitney Bowes Parcel Shipping Index Diagnoses Trends 2022 saw parcel shipping volumes normalize closer to pre-pandemic levels. Pitney Bowes’ recently released Parcel Shipping Index outlines the extent of volume declines, and how different carriers are faring. Key...

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