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11/27/23 Parcel News Update

1. Amazon’s Volumes Surpass FedEx and UPS Amazon delivered more parcels in 2022 than UPS, according to internal data and reported by the Wall Street Journal. Amazon surpassed FedEx’s volumes in 2020, meaning they’re the largest parcel carrier business (excluding the...

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11/20/23 Parcel News Update

1. USPS Announces Tentative Rate Increases for 2024 The United States Postal Service has announced rate increases for 2024. The average increases include: USPS Ground Advantage: 5.4% Priority Mail: 5.7% Priority Mail Express: 5.9% These prices were proposed to the...

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11/13/23 Parcel News Update

1. Experts Share Attention-Grabbing Items from 2024 GRIs Supply Chain Dive interviewed industry experts, including Sifted’s Kevin Miller, to uncover key points of FedEx and UPS’ 2024 General Rate Increases. Some of their insights include: * Shipments traveling to...

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11/6/23 Parcel News Update

1. FedEx Encourages Pilots to Find New Work According to a memo, FedEx Express is “significantly overstaffed” and don’t have enough demand to fill all pilots’ schedules. Accordingly, they’re encouraging them to take jobs at a regional passenger carrier. In the memo,...

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10/30/23 Parcel News Update

1. UPS Recaptures 40% of Volume Lost to Strike Fears Last week, UPS shared that they lost roughly 1.5 million daily packages during their negotiations with the Teamsters union, higher than previous estimates. However, they also claim to have won back about 600,000...

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10/23/23 Parcel News Update

1. FedEx Announces Deadlines for Holiday Shipments FedEx has published dates that domestic packages must be sent by in order to arrive on or by Christmas Eve. The cutoff dates for specific services are: FedEx Ground Economy: 12/13 FedEx Ground (three-day): 12/19 FedEx...

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10/16/23 Parcel News Update

1. UPS Releases Full 2024 GRI Over the weekend, UPS published their 2024 General Rate Increase (GRI). An average increase of 5.9% had been previously announced, but this is the first look at specific rate increases. Some of the published increases and changes include:...

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10/9/23 Parcel News Update

1. Peak Season Brings Hiring Goals for Carriers With Peak Season around the corner, carriers are ramping up hiring for temporary workers to compensate for an increase in shipment capacity. Here’s how many workers some are looking to hire: Amazon Hiring for 250,000...

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10/2/23 Parcel News Update

1. UPS Offering Rebates for Shippers Leaving Other Carriers After losing volume to rival carriers during the Teamsters negotiations, UPS is now offering rebates to cover early termination fees for shippers leaving existing carrier contracts to switch to UPS. No...

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9/25/23 Parcel News Update

1. USPS Won’t Impose Peak Season Surcharges This Year The U.S. Postal Service has announced they won’t implement peak season surcharges this year, ending a practice they began in 2020. Network improvements and a stronger labor force have made the USPS efficient enough...

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