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Simple Tire

Simple Tire Case Study

Find out how Simple Tire has saved more than $1,000,000 in shipping fees through improved visibility and analytics.
Kendra Scott

Kendra Scott Case Study

Kendra Scott knew there were opportunities to minimize wasted dollars – and they were right. See how they’ve saved $240,000+.

CME Case Study

In the first year of using Sifted, CME saved more than $350,000 and minimized the impact of the General Rate Increase (GRI).
Simple Tire

Datto Case Study

A Distribution Center Analysis provided Datto with the information and tactics to cut costs and reduce transit times.
Simple Tire

eSigns Case Study

Learn how a data-driven approach saved eSigns 46.2% on their ground commercial shipping and $128,000 in savings.
Best Home Furnishings case study cover

Best Home Furnishings Case Study

Best Home Furnishings has saved over $500,000 through the right data, guidance, and support.
Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA Case Study

Discover how three large Amazon FBA sellers get refunds, simplify their reporting and why they would recommend it to others.

Pirawna Case Study

As a partner to Amazon sellers, Pirawna has saved it’s clients more than $350,000 in total shipping expenses.
Sporting Goods Case Study

Sporting Goods Case Study

What looked like an impending loss turned into annual savings of $600,000+ for this Midwestern sporting goods company.
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