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Kendra Scott Knew There Were Opportunities to Minimize Costs – and They Were Right

Parcel Audit

Kendra Scott

Retail Luxury Goods and Jewelry

1,000 - 5,000 employees


  • Parcel Audit

Kendra Scott is a fashion and lifestyle brand headquartered in Austin, Texas, with more than 70 retail stores nationwide and a robust omnichannel presence. Inspired by gemstones, the company designs and creates collections of fashion and fine jewelry, as well as home goods and beauty. It started in 2002 by designer, CEO, and philanthropist, Kendra Scott.

After she designed her first collection with just $500, and three months after her first son was born, she went door-to-door at boutiques with a tea box full of her jewelry. Kendra’s infectious personality, energy, and unique eye for style won the hearts of potential customers and established the foundation for her success.

Where it Began – Parcel Audit

Before partnering with Sifted, transportation manager Matthew Chapa and his team at Kendra Scott needed a way to collect and record shipping data from all their accounts. Luke Gayle, the transportation specialist, noted a strong desire for actionable insight because the visibility into their shipping profiles was lacking from the carrier.

“When we first started we really had no way to pull the data. So, we didn’t have any kind of visuals as far as what we were doing or anything like that.”

-Matthew Chapa, Transportation Manager at Kendra Scott

Like most of Sifted’s customers, Matthew, Luke and the entire logistics department at Kendra Scott knew there were opportunities within their shipping profile to minimize wasted dollars and optimize efficiencies.

Parcel Audit Results

Sifted’s parcel audit empowered the transportation and operations teams at Kendra Scott by providing easily digestible key performance indicators and an ongoing analysis into their parcel spend. By seamlessly connecting to Sifted’s proprietary logistics intelligence technology, Kendra Scott has received refunds for parcel savings of more than $240,000 through the term of the partnership.

Evolving to Sifted Logistics Intelligence

While parcel auditing was a strong start for Kendra Scott, they needed an ongoing, deeper analysis of their shipping spend and processes to help eliminate unnecessary costs and deliver the best customer experience possible with their shipping dollars.

Kendra Scott chose Sifted Logistics Intelligence, a cloud-based parcel analytics technology, to provide them with unmatched data and insights to help inform their decisions.

Reporting Engine

Kendra Scott’s experience with logistics intelligence isn’t solely about recovering parcel spend. It’s also about the invaluable knowledge the Logistics Intelligence reporting engine provides and how that data positively impacts the organization.

“We really like the functionality of the Logistics Intelligence platform, I would recommend it to others. It’s easy to learn and has a bunch of different reports you can use. You can find out anything you want.”

-Luke Gayle, Transportation Specialist at Kendra Scott

Kendra Scott understood that while auditing is important, it’s also imperative to identify and address root causes in their parcel spend to improve operational challenges. This goal is accomplished by relying on parcel data intelligence provided by the Logistics Intelligence platform.

Identify – Address – Prevent

Sifted Logistics Intelligence’s advanced reporting engine includes access to billions of data points, UPS and FedEx benchmarking, analytics, and intelligence tools adaptive to businesses of diverse scale across a variety of industries. The transportation and logistics teams at Kendra Scott leverage this wealth of parcel data and actionable intelligence to make informed cost-conscious parcel decisions.

“We use the Logistics Intelligence platform all the time. We run reports and pull the information from the invoices that you get and then pivot it to find whatever actionable data we can glean from it. We use the shipping detail charges report the most.”

-Matthew Chapa, Transportation Manager at Kendra Scott

Empowered with Data

Kendra Scott uses the Logistics Intelligence dashboard to monitor their Key Performance Indicators for a snapshot of their parcel health. The functionality of Logistics Intelligence makes it easy for them to communicate information from the dashboard when questions arise in the company.

For a deeper dive behind the KPI’s and charts, they use the On Demand and Scheduled Reports to provide the package and charge level details behind the numbers and trends.

Using the library of reports provided with the reporting engine, one report helped Kendra Scott realize some shipments were being sent to the wrong address. This insight allowed them to take care of address corrections before incurring a fee from the carrier.

In the world of logistics and parcel shipping, data drives almost every decision, and that drives demand for quick access to reporting that provides actionable intelligence.

Reports used by Kendra Scott’s transportation team include:

  • Miscellaneous Charges Report – helps their team evaluate all charges and refunds they’ve received.
  • Zone and Service Distributions Report – shows the team where they’re shipping parcel to.
  • Shipping Mode Report – illustrates inbound, outbound and third party shipments.

“We take the reports and we brief them to our executive staff and then all of the channel heads to let them know what sort of initiatives we should be running or where we see issues.”

-Luke Gayle, Transportation Specialist at Kendra Scott

Package Level Alerts

Another mechanism that provides value to the teams at Kendra Scott is the Package Level Alerts. Having these alerts in place helps them take greater control of their operations by receiving notifications when a package’s attributes are outside of normal range allowing them to take action to investigate, address and resolve.

Whether they’re looking for specific surcharges, late payments, or just want to see packages over a certain amount, the team can rest assured knowing Sifted’s alerts will notify them when it’s time to troubleshoot and potentially make changes.

Sifted’s Vision

Kendra Scott believes in Sifted’s vision of the future in parcel shipping accountability. Sifted’s industry-leading technology brings the same artificial intelligence used by the parcel carriers directly to shippers.

By using billions of real data points – reinforced by benchmarking data from $7 billion in parcel spend – and shipping performance trends, Sifted’s proprietary technology quickly drives predictive analysis and forecasts outcomes when carriers announce changes that impact
their shipping.

The useful information and actionable knowledge Sifted Logistics Intelligence offers drives optimizations – enabling the transportation teams at Kendra Scott company to work on continuously improving their shipping profile while simultaneously making their jobs easier.

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