6 Companies Innovating Eco-Friendly Packaging

by | Jul 21, 2021

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The eco-conscious consumer is on the rise.

E-commerce is on the rise.

As these two forces continue to grow, a collision is inevitable.

Updating your packaging practices is just one way to make your shipping more eco-friendly and perhaps the most accessible.

Here’s our list of six companies leading the way in eco-friendly packaging.

1. Box Latch Products

Tape destroys boxes. Boxes get thrown away. Cardboard goes to a landfill. Trees are cut down. More boxes are made—the cycle repeats.

But what if there was no need for tape?

Box Latch Products created reusable latches to seal cardboard boxes, eliminating the need for tape, staples, and bands. Without these destructive sealing techniques, more boxes can be reused, preventing more than 3,000,000 boxes from going to landfills or recycling centers to date.

These Box Latches don’t just increase your supply chains’ sustainability. They can also save you money. Packaging materials, such as boxes and tape are not free. By decreasing the amount of materials used, Box Latches can reduce material costs by anywhere from 10 to 90%.

2. Eco Enclose

Did you know that 74% of consumers believe packaging materials have either a “moderate” or “high” impact on sustainability?

If you ship a wide variety of products that need different package sizes and types, Eco Enclose might be your perfect green packaging solution.

Eco Enclose produces mailers, boxes, bags, cushioning, tape, branded packaging, and more. Many of their products are reusable, made from 100% recycled materials, recyclable themselves, compostable, and/or biodegradable. They have a clear vision for redefining eco-friendly packaging, outlined in their framework.

3. Packsize

Packages are often larger than necessary. In fact, 81% of consumers believe most companies use excessive packaging. Oversized packages mean overuse of cardboard and wasteful fillers. Keeping your package size close to your products size can reduce material waste and save money in unexpected areas.

Packsize’s solutions offer on-demand packaging tailored to specific product dimensions. Right-sized packages mean less cardboard, packing peanuts, and air pillows. Reducing materials means reducing deforestation, waste in landfills, and overall carbon footprint – but those aren’t the only benefits.

Right-size packaging minimizes product damages by reducing empty spaces. Smaller packaging also means lower dimensional weight, which leads to lower shipping costs.

Additionally, Packsize boxing machines fully automate the packaging process. This streamlines packaging, eliminates the need to manage a box inventory, and reduces labor costs.

4. Emmerson Packaging

“Recyclable” has long been the name of the game in packaging. However, if you don’t primarily package with cardboard boxes, “recyclable” can be hard to achieve. Flexible packaging, such as bags and pouches, are often made of multiple materials. Because these materials are difficult to separate, flexible packages are hard to recycle. However, packaging made from a single material is often low-quality.

Emmerson Packaging developed the SmartPack to strike a balance between sustainability and quality. By using energy-curing technology, the SmartPack reduces the number of films needed to ensure structural integrity, resulting in a high-quality flexible package that’s easily recyclable.

Other Emmerson products, such as the SmartPack-BDG or PetPack-BDG, complete biodegradation in an eco-friendly timeframe while leaving zero toxic waste. These packages can be thrown out with standard garbage and will naturally degrade in a landfill.

5. noissue

Perhaps you’re looking for eco-friendly packaging materials, but don’t want to sacrifice your branding. Enter noissue.

noissue produces highly customizable packing tissue, stickers, tape, and mailers. Logos and original artwork can be uploaded through their online design platform, making each roll of tape or stickers unique to your brand.

When developing products, noissue follows three sustainability frameworks. Their offerings are compostable, reusable, or made from recycled materials. Additionally, noissue operates an Eco-Packaging Alliance program, where they plant a tree in an area of need for every order a member makes. Members can share their commitment to reforestation with their customers by displaying an Eco-Packaging Alliance badge on their website or as a storefront sticker. To date, the program has planted more than 36,000 trees worldwide.

6. Sustainable Packaging Industries

For decades, packages such as egg cartons have been made from molded pulp. Molded pulp packaging is made from fibrous materials, like recycled cardboard, paper, or natural fibers. As sustainability’s importance has grown, so has the appeal of molded pulp. Being made from recycled materials and natural fibers makes it 100% recyclable. No water is wasted in production – it either evaporates or is reused in later pulping. No materials are wasted either – any scraps are returned to the pulp slurry.

Sustainable Packaging Industries (SPI) offers a variety of molded pulp products, such as clamshell packages, die-cut inserts, lamp trays, and custom options. Their products are structurally sound, unaffected by extreme temperatures, and water-resistant.

Eco-friendly packaging – Looking forward

Consumer demand for sustainable shipping and packaging is at an all-time high. 66% of consumers have had a past purchase decision influenced by a company’s eco-friendly practices. Additionally, 57% are willing to pay more for a product with eco-friendly shipping and packaging.

Adopting eco-friendly packaging is a necessary next step for any e-commerce brand.

For more insight on consumer attitudes towards sustainable shipping and packaging, download our latest report.

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