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VeriShip Partners With AmazonLit

by | Nov 16, 2020

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VeriShip partners with AmazonLit

When it comes to success in business, having the right mindset is incredibly important. Without it, you’re not prepared for the rigors of contract optimization, reducing your shipping costs and staying strong through the upcoming holiday season.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce our partnership with AmazonLit.

AmazonLit operates one of the largest third-party Amazon wholesale and consulting businesses in the country. They have been selling on Amazon for seven years and have generated over $150MM in sales. At their New Jersey warehouse, they ship 10,000+ orders a day into Amazon fulfillment centers.

After all they’ve accomplished, AmazonLit believes that success means having the freedom to help others achieve success instead of worrying about their own. Creating the proper success mindset helps Amazon business owners deal more effectively with the day-to-day issues of running their businesses by ensuring they’re thinking and acting like a true entrepreneur.

AmazonLit knows this is when growth happens. They’re the go-to resource for help with growing your Amazon business through mindset mentorship and one-on-one tactic coaching from seasoned Amazon sellers.

At VeriShip, we’re also committed to helping Amazon sellers maximize their growth and success by lowering their shipping spend and holding Amazon accountable when they make errors with your FBA account. Our services deliver deep visibility into shipping accounts so, alongside AmazonLit, we can help our clients achieve success and freedom faster by improving bottom-line performance without sacrificing time.

Find out what VeriShip and AmazonLit can do for your Amazon business — let’s have a chat!

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