GRI 2021: Maximizing Your Contract Optimizations

by | Nov 3, 2020

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Your carrier just raised their rates, but do you know by how much? If you said 4.9%, you’re wrong. That’s only the General Rate Increase — some individual rates and surcharges have gone up far more.

The real increase in costs for you will be completely unique because your business is completely unique. What you ship, where you ship it and how you ship it aren’t like any other company. So don’t rely on your carrier’s General Rate Increase to budget for 2021 — or you could be in for an expensive surprise later.

The key is to know your data as well as your carrier does. VeriShip can help you gain clarity and control in your shipping with a 360-degree view of your operation. You’ll see how the rate changes will affect your business and so you can make adjustments to keep costs down. Sign up for a free contract health check to get started.

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