5 Scorching-Hot Amazon Seller Tips from our Latest Webinar

by | Aug 31, 2020

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Maybe you just couldn’t handle one more meeting — or maybe you were knee-deep in a heated TikTok dance challenge. Whatever the reason, if you missed our webinar, Amazon Selling Unlocked: 5 Tips to Maximize Revenue from a Proven Amazon Seller, you missed some seriously good tips.

Scott Needham — the CEO of BuyBoxer, host of The Smartest Amazon Seller podcast, and all-around Amazon superstar — shared advice with attendees on maximizing Amazon revenue and how he and his team navigate the often-choppy Amazon waters.

But never fear! We’ve summarized the best bits here and made the webinar available for download so you can get every last drop of information!


Tip #1: You can always be saving more.

Scott emphasized that sometimes driving revenue isn’t the answer — boosting profits can happen when you optimize your operations to save money. Here’s what he had to share:

  • (3:30) How Scott and his team uncovered savings by opting to use Amazon Carrier Central and full truckload (FTL) shipping. The result? Faster delivery to Amazon fulfillment centers with less damage — and $100,000 in savings.
  • (6:15) How Q4 holiday shipping might mimic the issues seen during the pandemic — and what you need to do to prepare.
  • (8:20) How Scott and his team use auditing technology to keep shipping costs and Amazon fees in check.

Key takeaway: Sometimes it’s easier to save money in your operations rather than chase revenue.


Tip #2: Maximize profits with optimized advertising

Scott shared how many Amazon sellers have been able to grow and scale just based off of Amazon advertising — if they know how to optimize it.

  • (12:45) A $.02 Amazon ad spend? Scott has a brilliant tactic for getting big returns on your ads by letting Amazon’s technology do the heavy lifting.
  • (16:05) How you can use your optimized ads to begin targeting competitors’ brands and defend your own.
  • (17:40) Why you need a bid optimization tool, which one he thinks is the best, and a special discount code for that tool so you can try it out for yourself.

Key takeaway: Sometimes advertising on Amazon is less about advancing your organic search position and more about teaching Amazon about your product.


Tip #3: Coupons, coupons, coupons!

  • (20:40) The psychology of Amazon coupons and why they work.
  • (22:44) How to bake the cost of a coupon into your price.

Key takeaway: Badges are always good on Amazon because of the attention they attract — especially on mobile.


Tip #4: Amazon Seller Performance Team

There are seemingly countless Amazon policies — and running afoul of any of them can cost you your selling privileges. Scott shared thoughts on how to prevent getting on the Amazon Seller Performance team’s bad side.

  • (26:22) The newsletter and Facebook group Scott recommends for staying on top of Amazon’s policies and how to solve Amazon issues.
  • (28:00) The importance of staying on the right side of Amazon Seller Performance.
  • (30:08) Why you might need to hire a firm that focuses on resolving Amazon suspension issues — and the two firms Scott recommends for righting your relationship with Amazon.

Key takeaway: Other Amazon sellers aren’t your competition — they’re your collaborators and can help you tackle your Amazon challenges.


Tip #5: Educate, delegate and use technology

If you try to do everything in your Amazon business, you’ll never grow the way you want to. Scott told attendees about how he’s used tools and virtual assistant services to scale.

  • (33:00) Why there’s always more to learn about selling on Amazon and improving your business — and how you can educate yourself.
  • (34:35) How to delegate tasks while still learning about the tools and techniques your business is using.
  • (37:41) How to use virtual assistants so you can spend your own time more effectively and scale your business — plus the tool that Scott uses to train VAs on the tasks he wants to outsource.
  • (41:00) The importance of leveraging the right tools to grow your business.

Key takeaway: Just like anything else in life, you can’t do it all — so get help in the areas that take time away from growing your business.


Focus on what matters most — growth

As Scott said, it makes sense to delegate some tasks so you can focus on scaling your business — and looking out for Amazon’s FBA errors is a perfect example of one of those tasks. With so much on your plate, finding and submitting FBA refunds you’re owed shouldn’t be on your to-do list. Look for a tool that will automatically manage that process so you can get back money Amazon owes you when they make mistakes.

Want to listen to the full webinar with all of Scott’s hot tips on maximizing Amazon revenues? We’ve made it available for download — and we promise it’s worth the listen!

Download the webinar now!

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