All referrals must be submitted through the organization’s unique landing page and form. If an eligible referral (as defined below) purchases services or products from Sifted within one (1) year from the date such eligible referral is accepted by Sifted, the referring organization representative making such referral will receive a $50 gift card and the referring organization will receive a $50 credit their next Sifted invoice. The gift card will be delivered via email following the date the eligible referral is live for the selected Sifted service or product.

Existing clients and partners may make multiple referrals and shall be eligible for one (1) $50 gift card for each such qualified referral up to ten (10) referrals.

Eligible Referrals

In order to qualify as an “eligible referral,” the referral must: (i) not be a current client of Sifted, (ii) not be currently in Sifted’s sales pipeline as a prospect or potential client; (iii) not be owned or employed by referred company/business or (iv) not be otherwise unqualified as determined by Sifted in its sole discretion. Only referrals from existing clients of Sifted or its partners will be considered for eligibility. If the same eligible referral is submitted by two clients or partners, only the client or partner whose submission was first accepted by Sifted shall qualify for the gift card described above.

Completed referral forms become the property of Sifted upon submission.

Sifted’s Referral Program rewards do not count for referrals that may have been made prior to the launch of the program.

Employees of Sifted, Inc. are not eligible to participate in the referral program.


The personal information collected, processed and used as part of the Program will be used in accordance with Sifted’s Privacy Policy.

Program End Date

The Refer a Client program continues in effect until December 31, 2021, unless earlier cancelled or extended by Sifted in its discretion.

Right to Cancel, Modify or Terminate

Sifted reserves the right to cancel, modify or terminate the Refer-a-Client Program at any time for any reason. We reserve the right to disqualify any User at any time from participation in the Program if we have a good faith belief that he/she has violated any of these Terms.