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Sifted Parcel Audit

Recover revenue with Sifted. Cut administrative costs by automating your parcel audits.

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What Does a Small Parcel Audit Entail?

FedEx and UPS offer refunds to shippers for late deliveries and pricing mistakes.

Do you know how to find opportunities for these refunds? A parcel audit software can compare performance with service guarantees promised by your parcel carrier.

Sifted’s refund automation lets you automatically audit your shipping invoices and get refunds.

Monitor Parcel Carrier Invoices

Manual work can’t efficiently compare shipping invoices with every shipment’s carrier rates and contracts.

Does your shipping carrier contract match your shipping needs? Do you have a parcel audit software in place that identifies overcharges by FedEx and UPS?

Sifted’s parcel audit solution tracks individual shipments to uncover service failures and invoice errors. Our automatic audit process monitors multiple data points, including address corrections, residential surcharges, service failures, and manifested but not shipped. You can also track duplicate charges and late deliveries.

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Benefits of Sifted Parcel Audit Service

Parcel invoice audits save you money

Sifted analyzes every shipment to identify service failures and billing errors. You get to optimize parcel spend and claim refunds automatically, and save your staff from time-consuming manual parcel audits.

Shipping refunds, made easy

Focus on your core business activities and let Sifted analyze every shipment for you. You collect eligible refunds and improve the bottom line.

Fast setup, no long-term commitments

No setup fees. No long-term commitments. Let Sifted identify problem areas in your parcel shipping spend so you’re better equipped for shipping.


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“Not only did we reduce our transit time by 51% by utilizing Sifted’s distribution center modeling, but using their software, we reduced our parcel contract spend by 21%.”

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“Our high shipping volumes can easily drive millions of dollars in surcharges. And in some cases, the surcharges are warranted but in others they’re simply mistakes. With Sifted, we know the difference between the two and can do something about them. We’re having smarter conversations about where to prioritize and apply resources.”

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“The initial setup was very, very simple. It resulted in free money that we were not getting otherwise, so it’s definitely worthwhile. Ultimately, that experience and satisfaction with Sifted were what kept us around for the additional offerings.”

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