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There are things you can do today to set yourself up for success in 2024. But first, you must dive into your data. Sifted’s GRI Impact Analysis makes it easy.

Effective GRI %

Understand how the 2023 GRI translates to your business.

Overall Impact $

Know how your true GRI % will impact your bottom line.

Top 5 Services

See your top 5 services that will be impacted.

Top 5 Accessorials

Get your top 5 accessorials that will be affected.

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GRI Impact Analysis Dashboards + More

Join 5,000+ parcel shippers who’ve partnered with Sifted Logistics Intelligence software to secure best-in-class rates and reduce their spend.

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Get Sifted Score updates and track the things impacting your business most. With 24/7, always-on monitoring, you’ll get the lowdown and updates you need to make the right decisions at the right time. Gain total control over your supply chain and the power to mold your future.

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See how supply chain adjustments pay off before you pay out. How will new box sizes affect your bottom line? What’s the environmental impact of a new distribution center? Is it realistic to set this transit time from A to Beyond? Modeling is all about seeing the road ahead.

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Streamline how you manage your carrier operations and contracts. Secure best-in-class rates. Establish targets, run re-rating scenarios, strengthen carrier rep relationships, optimize shipping choices. Ongoing carrier management is the winning tactic you need today.

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Let software do what it does better than people can. Audit, bill pay, insurance – many parts of your business that you may be handling manually – all gain precision, ease, and time-saving impact with Sifted.

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