Score! Cost savings are in your future

Stop guessing if your shipping operation is efficient with your personalized Sifted Score. Take recommended actions and continuously improve your score (and cut costs) over time. This AI fueled tool unlocks savings and allows you to:
  • Have peace of mind with ongoing monitoring
  • Know where to focus your efforts
  • Speak confidently about shipping decisions

Why a Sifted Score?

Logistics is complex. You and your team could (and likely do) spend hours sifting through data. Don’t waste another minute trying to make sense of it all. We’ve done it for you.

How Your Sifted Score is Calculated

Our 15+ years of expertise is driven by innovation and outcomes for you. That’s why we’ve boiled it down to a simple score with easy-to-understand insights. Gauge how your operations and contracts are performing – bad, fair, good, or excellent – and improve overtime.
Sifted Score Dashboard
Sifted Score Dashboard
Cutting edge data-science algorithms analyze these six key metrics to deliver you actionable, ongoing recommendations. Each metric is weighted to power your personalized rank.

Contract Score


Instantly know how your carrier contract is performing. Identify room for improvement and understand where and how to focus your negotiations.

Accessorial Score


View the impact of accessorial fees on your spend. Take action on common fees related to address corrections, additional handling, delivery area surcharges and more.

Carrier Score


Know your percent of packages being delayed/lost to have more control over your customer experience. Relay this information back to your carrier if they aren’t performing.

Service Level Score


Identify if you are using the right service for the right shipment. Optimize carrier usage and delivery type, and start shipping products faster for less money.

Distribution Score


Understand the most efficient way for you to reach clients within the ideal 2-3 day window. If there are improvements that should be made, this score will be the first to let you know.

Operational Score


Stay up-to-date on opportunities to reduce transit times and decrease your overall cost/package. Through regular alerts, adjust your operating procedures and maximize efficiency.

The Score Gives You More

Other software companies say they’ll lower your rates. But, they’re only analyzing and/or using consultants to negotiate your carrier agreement. With Sifted, your shipping health is much more than your contract alone. We use industry leading data-science and go beyond your agreement to find contractual and operational savings.

Want to know your Sifted Score?